26 Creative Blogging Ideas | How to Start Blogging

26 Creative blogging Ideas | How to start blogging

You may feel that websites are something of the online past.  However, you’d be severely mistaken –past year 47 percent of customers seen three to five parts of articles before making a buy.  Content remains an essential element of your company’s success, and blogging is a perfect method to create and exhibit your very best content.  Websites have not gone away — they have only gotten smarter.

Here is the List of best 26 creative blogging ideas and Learn how to Start blogging?

Follow this steps to Learn How to Start Blogging

Step 1. Link your Previous and favorite Post

By linking to old content on your site on your new articles, you help drive unique visitors to your website since you are showing people posts they might not have seen previously.  This won’t only help bump up your SEO and Google rankings, but it will also help new readers get to learn about your organization or support by displaying them the “best hits” your content.

Step 2. Create Interesting but Specific Tag

Organizing your articles by groups is fantastic for broad, general subjects, but additionally, it is essential to narrow down it with tags.  If you are blogging about social networking marketing, as an instance, consider particular tags which get to the center of everything you are describing.”Facebook marketing” is far better than simply “social networking marketing” as it pertains to having the ability to sort your content.  Additionally, it enables readers to quickly drill down on a particular subject matter in your blog.

Step 3. Use Eye-Catching Images

Your Instagram addiction ought to clue you into something that you know: Pictures are persuasive, and we are more inclined to linger on and discuss blog articles which have Images.  In reality, posts with pictures have 94 percent more complete viewpoints than people without.

Step 4. Tap Into Power of Video

Adding video to your site articles is among the greatest things you can do to help keep your readers engaged and to discover new ones.  This past year, a movie will constitute 74 percent of online traffic. Along with also a 2016 research found that societal video creates an astounding 1,200percent more stocks than text and picture combined.  By using video in your blog posts, you cannot help but increase your conversion and growth prices.

Step 5.  Include Call to Action

Among the issues with the fabulous blog, articles are that there is no activity for readers to execute once they are done.  This leads to a higher bounce rate. By adding a “You may also enjoy” line in the bottom that connects to additional pertinent articles, you will reduce your bounce rate and direct visitors to your entire article.

Step 6. Prioritize simple design

Do not give your visitors an immediate headache by having used a site page which looks cluttered and cluttered.  Pick a simple, elegant design that invites the reader to linger in your webpage. Using bullet points, a font that is readable, and integrating white space are good ideas also.

Step 7.  Make Room For Comments

Possessing a remarks section provides your readers with the chance to speak with you –and that you respond.  Should you take some opportunity to craft thoughtful answers to readers’ opinions and queries, they are a lot more inclined to read your articles, buying your services and products, and sending their friends your way.
A comments section is also an extreme measure of just how much your visitors like your articles.   Posts which produce a whole lot of opinions are good indicators of what to write about in the upcoming.

Step 8. Write an Ebook for Download

Create an eBook about a subject that is related to your company or service, and then include a “download the eBook” box near each blog post.  This is an excellent way to provide your readers with comprehensive content and to receive their email addresses.

Step 9. Don’t forget to Share

Sharing buttons are a straightforward method to raise your audience.  Should you make it effortless for folks to discuss your articles in their social networking stations and, you are going to be introducing your article into hundreds (or thousands) of potential new readers.   Social stocks help improve your SEO and Google page ranks and also can help you get a notion about what sort of content that your audience enjoys most.

Step 10.  Back It up with Facts

Contain information and data to support your arguments.  So rather than only writing “more individual’s today use mobile devices compared to tablets,” state “From the U.S., folks spend 71 percent of the time on cellular.”  Your viewers will take you more seriously and are more inclined to turn to some own posts to get dependable and authoritative advice.

Step 11. Incorporate Charts and Graphs

Visual content is in demand, and charts and graphs are an excellent way to visually display information which may be tricky to comprehend through words alone.  Just ensure your charts are simple to understand and have visual allure.

Step 12. Title it right

Captivate your audience instantly with your headline. Think of it as your blog post’s business card. It should be concise, to the point, and professional, but also – depending on the ethos of your business or service – witty and charming. A good headline alone can double your amount of readers.

Step 13. Optimize for SEO

SEO is an important marketing channel but what makes it better is that it is also free.  You may help your search engine positions by composing the type of articles that rank well with search engines — and your readers may wish to read.  And it is possible to consult with the experts for another boost.

Step 14. Use Banners

As we mentioned previously, among the most typical problems with blog articles is that there is no particular activity for readers to perform.   If you don’t provide them with the opportunity to take significant action after reading your article, they will only leave your website. Ensure that you’re sending visitors to the ideal place after they have completed reading by using banner ads that link to additional content.  By way of instance, if you are supplying marketing tips, make a banner ad that relates to your marketing platform.

Step 15. Interview well-known expert

Consider the most meaningful and influential men and women in your area and find ways to interview them an article that content into your site.  You will nurture a relationship beneficial to you, and there is a good chance that person will discuss your article with her or his audience, which places you in the spotlight and brings you, new subscribers.  You will also gain extra credibility with your present followers.

Step 16. Link to other quality content

You want visitors to believe that you know that your subject of experience and are knowledgeable about top websites related to your area.  Linking to authoritative articles on other notable sites is a great way to start essential relationships which will pay off down the line. Additionally, it is possible you’re going to find a couple of good link backs also!

Step 17. Know your Reader

Consider the profile of your ideal reader.  What type of content do they wish to read? Consider running a survey to determine what they are interested in learning about in future articles.  If you understand your target audience, then you will understand how to form your articles. This can not help but result in a more influential blog.

Step 18. Proofread

Attempting to proofread your job is going to wind up costing you big time.   When viewers experience mistakes in grammar and punctuation, they will doubt that your credibility.  They might even quit reading and never return. Even when you’re a native English speaker, then it is almost always a good idea to utilize an expert proofreader to be sure that your articles are error-free.

Step 19. Make easy to Subscribe

First, be sure to have a subscription type – it is an ideal way to cultivate your mailing list.  Then ensure the form is in a prominent place that viewers will not miss. Consider placing your type on the upper right-hand of the sidebar, or just over the primary navigation bar.  And be sure that you send out regular newsletters to help keep your readers engaged.

Step 20. Write Clear Sub-headers

Many people scan your site and choose within 10 to 20 minutes if to remain or depart.  Even if you’ve written the best headline, plenty of users will not read your whole article, so subheaders assist them temporarily populate your article to obtain the segments they are interested in and read those components in full.

Step 21. Use Short Paragraphs

Short paragraphs (such as this one) make it much easier for viewers to digest significant information – and proceed through your whole text.

Step 22. Highlights Key Sentence

Even if users do not read your whole article, they could still learn something precious from you.   Putting significant paragraphs in bold or italics is a great way to tell readers that are in a rush about your article key points.  If they believe you have given them something because of their time scanning, they are more likely to become regular readers of your site.

Step 23. Write Unique Content

However many other fancy tools and approaches you use, if your content is not persuasive, you won’t increase your readership.  Look at keeping thoughts file so you’ll have a constant pool of inspiration to pulls out of And never replicate content from anybody else – it will hurt your SEO since Google will not index those pages.  However, it is also going to damage your own reputation. Consider what makes you exceptional, and write content that showcases your worth.

Step 24. Be the Expert

Make your site stick out from the competition by providing your viewer’s information that they won’t find elsewhere.  Own what you understand. Look at using relevant internal details from your site or company which may offer insights to your readers.  They will begin to feel encouraged in your site’s expert knowledge.

Step 25. SpotLight your Author Box

Your writer is the significant part of your article.  Authors are authorities in their subjects, and emphasizing their experience works to your benefit.  Make the writer box simple to find on the website page, and have it contain essential details from a writer’s biography. As an instance, if you are a personal trainer that encourages individuals to succeed and achieve their objectives, and you write a post about this subject, your writer box should convey clearly that you are, how much expertise you have, the number of customers you’ve got and much more.  Users will discover your content dependable if they believe that they could trust the writer.

Step 26.  Don’t be afraid of longer post

You may believe that our diminishing attention spans mean most of us wish to read shorter articles, but data shows that the reverse is true.   Google’s top-ranking content averages between 1,140 and 1,285 words. On our Fiverr site, we discovered that articles with over 1,000 words created 23 percent more buys.
Consider it: If you would like to educate your viewers on a particular topic, it’s going be tough to do this in a blog article that is just 500 or so words.
Don’t be afraid to emphasize your authority on a topic and write articles that are more than 1,000 words.  As blogging becomes even more aggressive, longer blog articles are currently the competitive standard.


It is a no-brainier: Content is critical to boosting your positions, bringing quality prospects, and also converting readers into buyers.  Does blogging enhance your earnings, but besides, it supplies you with a platform to make an organic community around your company or brand.
If you create trustworthy, persuasive, and related blog articles on a regular basis, you are going to continue to keep the eye of your regular customers and will obtain new ones too.  The benefits of tactical blogging are numerous. And if you want some help getting started, you will find lots of specialist authors on Fiverr to give a hand!

Are you a frequent blogger? Do you have any additional tips? Tell us in the comments below!

I hope you Liked our 26 creative blogging ideas and you learned about how to Start blogging.

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