8 Useful Mobile Apps to Simplify Your Daily Life – iOS & Android Apps

8 Useful Mobile Apps to Simplify Your Daily Life – iOS & Android Apps

As you know there are millions of apps available on Play store and iTunes. It was always very tough to find the Useful mobile app or Useful android app in our daily life. If you are one of them who is confused to find the best useful app for daily life apps, so then this is the right place to find. In this article, I’ll be telling you about the best useful android app and the best iOS app for daily life. After all the trial and testing we have shortlisted 8 useful Mobile apps to Simplify your Daily Life.

Here is the List of 8 best Android and iOS application for your Daily Life

Sr.No Name of the application Download Link
1 CamScanner Android iOS
2 ShareApp (Available for iOS)  




3 Wallet TrackerR Android iOS
4 Remindo Android iOS
5 Mustbin (Available for iOS)   iOS
6 FetchNotes Android iOS
7 SpringPad Android iOS
8 Lumosity (Available for iOS)   iOS


Along with the growing technology, a life is getting busy day by day. Now it’s our duty to trend with this improved technology. In this growing life Usage of smartphone and usage of its apps is increasing dramatically. In trends of application developers are trying to provide the best application, that makes your life more comfortable and more liable.

There are millions of the application out there being launched every day, but really do you know which is the best app for you? To answer this question, first we need to install the application, then we have to test its features.

So here in this article, we made easy for you to find the best 8 useful mobile application to simplify your daily life.

8 best android and iOS application for your Daily Life.

#1. CamScanner – Phone PDF creator

CamScanner has been the all-time favorite to me. It’s been a world No 1. App for document scanning and sharing. It is future in top 50 application in Times magazine in 2013. Currently, this app is been installed in over 100 Million devices from 200 different countries and over 50,000 new application registration applied every day.

With CamScanner you will get more enhanced Document Image, recognized text in the image and quickly view the document in the selected tag. CamScanner helps you scan, store, sync and collaborate various documents.


CamScanner App Video Guide

Features of CamScanner

  • Cam Scanner quickly scans and digitizes all kinds of paper documents like notes, receipts, invoices, business cards and so on.
  • You can optimize scan quality by just doing smart cropping and auto enhancing of all texts and graphics. These scanned documents are clear and sharp with the finest colors and resolutions.
  • Due to the OCR i.e., optical character recognition feature Cam Scanner recognizes texts in document images and extracts them for later sharing, searching and editing.
  • You can share documents in PDF or JPEG format through post on social media, send document in form of attachments or download link via email.
  • With Cam Scanner you can directly select document and fax to over 30 countries.
  • You can easily and quickly search any important document from the bulk by just using tags.

In my real life, Camscanner made my life easy and simplified by providing its great features. With the CamScanner you can scan, View, edit and share application anytime and anywhere. The user also can protect confidential documents by a set password for the important document.

Download CamScanner Mobile App

Android | iOS

#2 ShareApp – Share Music and Jokes on WhatsApp

ShareAppIn the present period clients simply love to invest energy with their Smartphone would it say it isn’t? Indeed, they listen to music amid early morning at Gym or Garden while working out, they check Mails, Facebook and WhatsApp early day on their Smartphone. There are a lot of things which clients are doing nowadays with their Smartphone.

Here we are presenting a standout amongst the most inventive iPhone application “ShareApp” which assist clients with sharing Audio, Music documents and Jokes on WhatsApp specifically to their companions. As we as a whole realize that WhatsApp doesn’t enable clients to share sound/music documents straightforwardly to their companions particularly in iPhone and this is the motivation behind why this application is developed. Truly, ShareApp enables iPhone clients to share Audio and Music records to their companions on WhatsApp.

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Features of ShareApp

Audio Recording – This is the most important feature of ShareApp. Users can record audio and save directly on their mobile application, so later user can listen to it and share it with their friends on WhatsApp and other platforms.

Music Player – ShareApp is very well-designed music player which automatically fetch all the music files from your gallery once you install this application. ShareApp supports all major music/audio file formats so users can easily listen to their favorite on ShareApp.ShareApp Music Player
Share Music Files to WhatsApp Friends – This the main feature why this application was developed. Users can easily share audio/music files to their friends by just Clicking on the send button to the relevant music file.ShareApp Music

Multiple Jokes Series – ShareApp has hundreds of new series jokes on multiple categories so users can read it and Share it on WhatsApp and another platform on just one click.

Currently, it is available for iOS users. There are 2 different version of ShareApp is available on iOS. One Version is paid and Share app Lite version is free.


Download ShareApp on iOS device.

ShareApp | ShareApp Lite

#3 Wallet TrackR

wallet tracker guideWith the Wallet TrackR advanced cell application and gadget you can undoubtedly find lost Keys, Wallets, cards and some more. As a matter of first importance, you need to join your Wallet TrackR gadget with your imperative things like keys and wallets which you would prefer not to lose. After that set-up your Wallet TrackR gadget in your telephone, you have to ensure that your gadget is perfect for this application. This application is bolstered by iPhone 6, 6S, 5, 5S, 4s, Android 4.4 and later version of Android and iOS gadgets. Download this application from the application store or from Google Play. The new version of Wallet trackR is presently accessible in a separate store for download and perfect with the most recent version of the two iOS and Android working framework.

Wallet TrackR Video Guide

Wallet Tracker Features

Wallet TrackerThere is no need to spend much time and energy to keep track of your important belongings, you will not lose any item with this Wallet TrackR app. Wallet TrackR is designed to help you recover your lost items and most importantly it is 100% free and secure. You will only have to pay for the device that can be available at a reasonable rate.wallet Tracker

Download Wallet TrackR.

Android | iOS


#4 Remindo – Event reminder app

If you are the one of them who easily forget dates like birthdays, anniversary or meetings, So then Remindo is made for you. Remindo app is available at FREE of cost, Remindo app can be downloaded on both Android & iOS device. I personally like the UI of this app which is very neat and clean without any complex structure. Just follow simple steps and the event reminder is set.

My favorite feature of Remindo app is; Audio notes. Yes, it allows us to Record an audio note for an event, that can be played anytime you want. Check out the awesome UI of this useful mobile app:Remido App

It offers various features in which the event categorization is the best. You can categorize your event based on its theme and you can also create the custom category of your choice. Isn’t it Useful? Download it now!

Download Now
iPhone / iPad Android App

#5 Mustbin

mustbinMustbin offers the most ideal approach to safely catch, store, compose and share your imperative data and loved minutes. Mustbin is intended for the most recent iOS working framework and accessible in the Apple App Store at free of cost. It is intermittently distributing the refreshed adaptation of the application to fuse with the most recent iOS. Mustbin anchors your critical data in “Canisters” that can be imparted securely and safely to your family, companions or any other individual. To begin with Mustbin, clients can look over a few pre-constructed containers writes to add to, and each receptacle has Guides that assistance clients about the particular strides to catch and include imperative data.

Mustbin App Guide

Features of Mustbin:

  • Capture anything anytime: It is very easy to capture anything anytime. Mustbin makes sure that you are capturing your most important information and your precious moments.
  • Easy organization: It makes everything in place so that whenever you need anything you will get that ready. Bins create a custom one for everything you want to store and guides make sure that you are prepared when you need it the most.
  • Highly Secured: Due to the presence of Bincryption™ technology in Mustbin, your documents are safe, secured and synced with Mustbin. Your all data is highly secured because Bincryption technology provides bin-level encryption, end-to-end encryption during the cloud sync and AES-256 encryption on every file so your all data and files are for your eyes only.
  • Easy and safe Sharing: With Mustbin you can share important documents or favorite photos with anyone you trust. Sharing anything with Mustbin is easy and secured so you don’t need to be worried about your privacy.mustbin


Download Mustbin Now.


#6 Fetchnotes

fetchnoteFetchnotes is said as a least demanding approach to monitoring all things and team up in a split second to make you in sync with the people. Because of its brilliant and simple features, Fetchnotes can be called as min’s’ close friend. It is the simplest Reminder that you will ever use.



Fetchenotes Video guide

Features of Fetchnotes:

  • Organize Easily: User can easily organize group notes together with hashtags. i.e. # in front of any word like “#read”, to add a note to that category.
  • Share Easily: User can easily share notes with their family, friends, and co-workers by just taping the @ sign and type a username, email address or phone number in your address book and when they receive it, it becomes organized with the hashtags.
  • Use It for Finding Anything: Fatchnotes is the smartest way to search anything you want; User just need to filter feed to certain hashtags, people or just a string of text. So now no more switching between different apps for your search. With this app, you need to hit the green compose button and shift between note-taking, to-do-listing and communication as you type.
  • Access Anywhere:Fetchnotes can easily accessible on the iPhone and Android. The user can also add notes through text, email, or using Chrome extension. Fetchnotes is always close at your hand whenever inspiration strikes and all your notes are available in front of you no matter wherever you are, so everything stays in sync across any device.
  • Smarter: Fetchnotes make your notes better by finding your favorite book that you want to read, music you that you want to listen to,
  • Collaborate instantly: You can receive a notification instantly whenever someone shares or edits a note with you.
  • No Setup or System to Learn: With Fetchnotes, you don’t need to follow GTD to get things done, just choose your hashtags and connects as you type, and Fetchnotes molds automatically as you think.
  • Privacy Control: Fetchnotes provides you 100% privacy control of your notes unless you decide to share them with any other person.fetchnotes

Download Fatchnotes

Android | iOS

#7 SpringPad

springapdWith Springpad, your everyday life will become better and well organized. This free personal organizer app saves and organizes all your tasks, notes, recipes and many more. Springpad manages all your information with info and creates notebooks accordingly. As per Time, Springpad was one of the best apps of 2013. In New Version 4.5.4 introduces the Springpad Notebook Store. So, User can easily find notebooks for every project in your daily life, to access this Store you need to select “New Notebook” and then tap “Check them out.”


SpringPad Video Guide

Features of Springpad:

  • With the Springpad user can generate separate notebooks for every aspect of their life, whether for their home or for work.
  • The user can easily share their notebooks with their family, friends as well as co-workers.
  • The user can save hotel, restaurants, subway maps, pictures and more for their vacations.
  • Bookmarks user’s favorite articles and videos that they want to check out later.
  • The user can follow expert’s notebooks to get useful tips and stay on top of trends.
  • Manages user’s personal and professional to-do’s and gets reminder alerts timely.
  • The user can easily pool up with their co-workers on a particular project with notes, videos, links, and tasks.

spring pad

This the more enhanced new version of Springpad offers new notebooks that are well customized for all user’s tasks. With Springpad, User can save everything whatever they like helpful info, links alerts and many more.

Download SpringPad

Android | iOS

#8 Lumosity

lumosity appLumosity is called as a leader in the science of brain training. You can challenge your brain with the scientifically designed training of Lumosity. In other words, this App trains your memory and attention. This app is used by over 50 million people worldwide. With the new version 2.92 of this personalized training program, you will get the relentless pursuit of perfection.



Lumosity Video Guide

Features of Lumosity:

  • Train memory and attention: You will get the personalized sophisticated training, which is based on what you have learned from analyzing more than 50 million members.
  • 40+ scientific games: Lumosity targets a wide variety of cognitive skills that will help you to challenge in the areas that you care about.
  • Web-based personalized training program: A personal trainer is available just for you so you can work out your brain anytime anywhere.
  • Track your progress: With Lumosity you can analyze or track your progress whenever you wish.Lumosity App

So, build your personalized training program with Lumosity. It is designed by neuroscientists in order to train your memory, attention. As per several research studies, Lumosity games have improved working core cognitive abilities.


Currently its available for iOS user.

Download Lumosity App

iOS | Website

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