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If you are thinking of business and do not have much money to start a business. Then this Article is important to you. A Smart Home Automation Company (Pongo Home) in Bangalore is offering you, Pongo home Dealership. Pongo Home dealership gives you chance to Earn up-to 40 thousand rupees per month in less Investment. You can start this business in your city by taking the Home Automation dealership. We will Explain you in this Article. How you can take the pongo home dealership and how earnings will be …

If you are looking for home automation Dealership, then pongo home dealership is the best home automation company 

Pongo home is offering home a chance to get a dealership

Bangalore’s home automation company Pongo Home is going to expand its network across the country. There is an opportunity to take the company’s dealership. You can start a business in your own city by taking the company’s dealership. Currently, there are four distributors in the company of Maharashtra. While the company has appointed its distributor in Ahmadabad in Gujarat.

Pongo Home Sales Generation Manager Sachin Bansode said that the company is distributing distributorship at Rs 4.40 lakh. If you have knowledge in Sales Field, you can take the company’s distributorship.

Opportunity to get Pongo home dealership in 55 thousand

Sachin said that less money is a good opportunity for business starters. The company is offering its dealership at only 55 thousand rupees. He said that the person who is taking the Pongo home dealership can earn 40 thousand rupees per month. Although it is dependent on its ability.

pongo home dealership

This is the business module, Earn 40 thousand rupees per month by pongo home dealership

Pongo Home Review: Pongo home is a home automation company that makes your home a smart home. The company fits an equipment on the switch board of your room. Through it you can turn the room lights on and off from the mobile. Also, the speed of the fan in the room can be slow or more by mobile. Distributor has to Sell this product.

The company has presented three types of products. Home Automation, Agriculture Automation and Sensors Home Automation Product Can Make a Smart Home. When in agricultural automation, the farmer can sit in his house and do irrigation by motor on and off. Sensor products have the option of Light Control Sensors, Land Sensor Tube Light, Land Sensor Lamp, Microwave Human Presence Sensor and Motion Sensor.

Sachin said that the person taking a pongo home dealership you can earn 40 thousand rupees. The dealership gets a margin of up to 31% on the products. One bedroom house has a cost of 8 to 10 thousand rupees for building a smart home. When only one room is to control the light and fan, it will cost up to 3200 rupees. If you make such 10 to 15 clients a month, you can easily earn up to 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month.

Bangalore Based company Giving a chance to Earn 40 thousand rupees per month by pongo home dealership

Pongo home is offering best home automation dealership in India.

If you apply for the dealership, go to the company’s Official website at pongohome.com and to Join Click here. Fill the Given form to Join Pongo home.

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