Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones 2018

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones 2018

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones 2018 In India.

With the pace of cell phone advancement moving so quick, there’s continually something holding up in the wings. No sooner have you seen the most recent handset, at that point there’s expectation of the following enormous thing.

Here we take a gander at those phones that haven’t yet launched, the top 5 upcoming smartphones 2018.

We’ll be refreshing this rundown all the time, with those device rumors we believe are dependable and energizing, and devices simply reported however yet to hit the racks.

The Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones 2018.

Before we dive into the detail, here are some of the anticipated top 5 smartphones 2018:

  • Sony Xperia XZ Pro
  • LG G7
  • Apple iPhone 9
  • OnePlus 6
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Sony likes updating phones, with the Xperia XZ2 replacing the XZ1 which is only 6 months old. There’s one device that hasn’t been updated, however, and that’s the XZ Premium, Sony’s 4K phone and now the oldest in the line-up. Rumours about this phone had surfaced before Sony Mobile’s latest launch fest at MWC 2018.

Rumours suggest that there’s a replacement 4K display device in the works, but we suspect it will pick-up the new Xperia design found on the XZ2 using the new Ambient Flow design language. It’s likely to get the 4K HDR video capture options, as well as potentially being the debut of Sony’s new dual camera system which is bonkers good in low light.

When might this phone launch? Nothing is confirmed by August 2018 at IFA might be a good guess.

LG changed direction on the LG V30 slightly, shifting the messaging from “great for videographers” to “great for everyone” – and it is, it’s a great flagship smartphone. Updated with the V30S ThinQ, it’s not a new phone – there’s something else to come for 2018.

Rumours about the G7 have swung back and forth, with a device popping up at MWC 2018, most likely in an off-stand preview room, with the codename Neo. That had a 6-inch OLED display with a notch, powered by Snapdragon 845 with a dual 16-megapixel on the rear.

Subsequent rumours have suggested that it’s actually called Judy and won’t use OLED, but will move to MLCD+ instead.

We’ve also heard that LG’s next phone might launch in May 2018. It’s a bit of a muddle, but there’s something in the works.

The iPhone X is a celebration of 10-years of iPhone. It’s also super-premium and expensive. But Apple has confirmed that this phone lays the foundations for the next 10 years of the iPhone and we suspect that the 2018 iPhone update will take a lot from the iPhone X.

There’s currently no knowing what Apple will call the new iPhone, but we suspect it will move from stainless steel back to aluminium to bring the price down, while retaining that 19:9 display and using Face ID rather than Touch ID in a home button.

We’d expect Apple to offer a couple of sizes in this design, making some differentiation between the two as it does with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus currently. At the moment, however, there’s no evidence to say exactly what might happen.

We can expect the iPhone 9 to launch in October 2018 but there may also be an iPhone SE2, too.

OnePlus might be moving towards a display with a notch design, suggested by a recent leak. We’ve recently seen Oppo flaunting a new design for the R15 with a notch at the top and we suspect that this will be the foundation for the OnePlus 6. That might see the entirety of the front of the phone being the display, with practically no bezel.

OnePlus will almost certainly use Snapdragon 845 with Android Oreo and Oxygen OS tweaks, while rocking a dual camera system on the back along with a rear fingerprint scanner. There’s no word on when we might see it, but OnePlus has been updating fast, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if it was announced in June 2018.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 had barely gone on sale when Samsung started talking about the Note 9. In an interview the development team confirmed that they’d moved straight into planning for the next Note model, including working on enhancing notable features, like the S Pen.

So there’s no firm details at the moment, but we’d expect Samsung to be unveiling the Galaxy Note 9 in late August 2018, with more enhanced S Pen features. It is predicted that we’ll be seeing Bixby 2.0 launching in the Note 9. There was talk that it would feature a fingerprint scanner under the display, but that rumour has been trumped by another saying the technology won’t be read in time for launch.

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones 2018


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